15 February, 2012

Deceptively Clever

Wow, bad blogging habits kick in really fast.  I shall do better in future.  I promise.

Monsieur Drama Queen dog thinks himself a sensitive soul.  He thinks that the appropriate reaction to having his ears cleaned is toppling over mournfully.  And his good spirits can only be restored by being allowed to eat a makeup removal pad.

Whilst he isn't intelligent enough to realise that clean ears means a greater likelihood of no ear infections, he is however, still a scarily in-tune dog.  Which is really to his detriment.  A conversation (not directed towards him) about activities that will involve him in future prompts a quick scramble to his feet and the expectation that we're leaving now.  Right now.  Therefore, it's quite hard to plan things in his presence.  And a little depressing really, having to constantly tell him to sit back down, nothing's happening today except for a prolonged nap on the couch.

You hear stories of dogs having selective hearing.  Master Bond has a selective sense of smell.  A stray piece of food can be sitting not two feet away from his arse and it will go untouched until he accidentally stumbles across its path.  But trying to make him go outside, for example, with a feigned throw of a treat does not fool him.  He knows there is no treat.  There never was any treat.  He is staying inside to search for cheese, thankyou very much.  Please let him know when you're not so lazy as to actually go and fetch a real treat to bribe him with.

It is a curious thing, the dog's brain.  And a constant, if frustrating, pleasure to learn about everyday.  

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