21 February, 2012

The hair is everywhere!

The living room has carpet.  It's worth noting that it's not meant to be carpetted.  In fact, the floor covering of choice for the first 20 years of the living room's life were tiles.  Now there is a constant layer of black fur resting on top. 

I did a lot of research before getting a dog.  Like, a LOT of research.  Find a registered, responsible breeder.  Check.  Learn how to settle puppy into new home.  Check.  Compare diets and training methods.  Check.  Familiarise self with all the breed characteristics.  Not so check, apparently. 

I don't know how I missed the fact that Labradors lose half of their fur every day.  I've been a member of dog forums since the decision to get a dog was made.  All I ever see these days is how reknowned Labradors are for their inability to just keep their bloody fur on. their. bodies.  These warnings were nowhere to be found two years ago.  I don't know if I simply read and discarded this piece of information, or what.  After all, dogs shed - this was not groundbreaking news to me.  But, I suspect the more likely explanation is an elaborate conspiracy of some sort in order sucker new dog owners into the breed.  And I'm sticking to that. 

I don't think I'd mind it so much if the hound would tolerate being brushed.  But he hates it.  So I hate it.  Following him around with a brush in one hand and a grubby fistful of dry food in the other is not fun.  I don't know why he's so against the procedure.  Look at the photo - there's actually very little hair coming off him.  It's all fluff!  Lots and lots of fluff.  If I had that much fluff on me I'd be eagerly queuing to get it brushed out.  I thought I hit paydirt the other day.  I caught him outside having a munch on the previous night's dinner bone.  Dog has his own incentive to stay still in one spot - BINGO.  It even worked for half his body.  But by about the fifth time he got up to move away from me the dirty looks had started to appear.  So I gave up and vacuumed the floor instead.  

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